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Bad Ice Cream 5

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The Bad Ice Cream game has been one of the most popular arcade game in the history of flash games for a long time. On the internet you will find different version of this game, all version are very interesting and popular among flash game lovers. You will find (Bad Ice Cream, Bad Ice Cream 2, Bad Ice Cream 3, Bad Ice Cream 4 and also unblocked versions of this gamelike Bad Ice Cream Unblocked and many others, all the game series are very funny, and can help you relax after long time of hard working or studying. But now we want to introduce you our official website of the latest edition, named Bad Ice Cream 5 wich is full of new features, modes, possibilities and the graphics are uniquely bright, fun. and interesting. One of the best feauture is that you can play alone, or play with your friends or your family because Bad Ice Cream 5 has the 1 player mode, 2 player mode and even 4 player mode. I will not tell more about feautures and spoil everything, you will understand all best regarding this flash based games when you will try it by yourself.

Let`s talk about the main task of this game. Imagine summer, ice, sea, warm wind blowing this is fantastic feelings all this you will find and feel playing Bad Ice Cream 5. From the start of the game you will be transferd to summer begining, you have a huge varity of heros for example Strawberry, Mint-Choc-Chip, Licorice, Smoky Bacon, Bubblegum, Sorbet, Chocolate or Vanilla and you need to choose your favorite flavor of ice-cream and collect all fruits while dodging pixelated enemies in each level. This subzero mod features tasty desserts and cool graphics, travel through each maze-like level, and collect fruit to change them in future to points. It’s time for you to destroy blocks of ice, and eat all fruits to win! Clear all fruits without getting caught, and enjoy your tasty treat!

Bad Ice Cream 5, the new combined version. You will enjoy the game as a rogue Summer Frozen dessert that refuses to be eaten. Guide your Summer Frozen dessert throughout the difficult mazes with easy swipe controls, and go to war with Bad Ice Cream and hungry foes on icy battlefields! Eat all of the fruits forest without getting caught, and enjoy your fruit burst and fruit splash in this combined version of the game Bad Ice Cream 5. When game is loaded use button “Click to Lick” to reach the menu of the game. You can play this game alone or with your friend together as we mentiond above. Click “Play” button from main menu and choose player number, ice-creams’ color and the chapter. Game has 40 different levels, wich you need to complete one by one. Jump out of the ice cream cone and begin your adventure in the icy deserts with the most popular puzzle game, take the role of a grumpy ice cream character and do your best to collect all fruits throughout 40 different and fun levels. Watch out for the frost monsters! Their brains are frozen, so they will not stop when you get in their way! Create and use them as obstacles or break the ice cubes with your frost breath to trap the monsters!

While playing Bad Ice Cream 5 we advice you: avoid being flattered by the enemy since you will be melted, break the ice to create a way to pick up the fruit but do not encounter the enemy, create ice blocks to block enemies when they come near you, observe closely and dodge terrain-based traps on each map, you can follow the enemy and always remember to stay behind their back also you can reset, pause, turn the music or sound on or may be off in the match if it is annoying you. For first player use “W, A, S, D” keys and second player uses “Arrow Keys” for navigation. You can damage or generate new ice blocks whenever you desire with “F” key for player 1 and with “Enter” or “Space” key for player 2. Be patient and try to pick all fruits without beeng caught by your enemies. Do not hesitate to click play and enjoy Bad Ice Cream 5 as you will not regret!

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